About Us

Programming Helper originated from the base idea that not everyone learns at the same pace and some people prefer learning from online material and at their own pace.

Programming Helper started out in 2014 with a single Delphi Code Example and was later expanded to include lots of Delphi tutorials and code examples. In 2019 we expanded beyond Delphi and started adding tutorials and code examples for other languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Java, SQL, C++, etc.

Our content are completely free and available for anyone to use and learn from. We also prefer to keep it that way and encourage everyone to learn and improve their skillset through our learning material. We also have available tutors to help you learn and improve. On top of that, we also have lots of developers willing to help develop for you if you do not yet have the required skillset.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to provide the best and easiest place for people to learn programming and develop their skills.

Our Team

Shaun Roselt

Shaun Roselt
CEO & Content Writer

Adriaan Greybe

Adriaan Greybe
COO & Content Writer

Special Thanks To

Neil Moffatt from DelphiBasics for the creation of the first ever truly amazing website for learning the Delphi Programming Language. Also a special thanks to Embarcadero Technologies for their amazing Delphi/C++ docwiki.

Also a good thanks to the guys from TutorialsPoint and W3Schools.

I still remember the very first time I stumpled upon W3Schools in 2013 to learn HTML or when my IT Teacher in grade 10 (2014) showed me the amazing world of Delphi through DelphiBasics. My love for teaching programming originated from these guys by seeing their amazing work. They inspired me to create something similar and teach what I know to others. Programming Helper would never have existed if it wasn’t for the inspiration from the above mentioned people. They shaped Programming Helper.

-Shaun Roselt